Sunday, August 21, 2016

No such luck shopping

Crystal: "Well hello Matoaka, Chanta."
Matoaka: "How are your Crystal. I  haven't seen you in awhile."
Crystal:  "It has been awhile and things are going good."
Matoaka: "How is everyone? Especially the twins."
Crystal: "Everyone is good and those two brings so much joy to everyone life, with their busy selves."
Matoaka: "Are you done with all the school shopping?
Crystal: "Just about. Princess Courtney gives me a list everyday."
Chanta: "Excuse Mom, Mrs. Crystal. I'll be right back."
Matoaka: "Ok. Make sure to check housewares for the organizers."
Crystal: "You shouldn't have any problem. It's not that crowded today."

Crystal: "What type of organizers is she looking for?"
Matoaka: "I dont' know. She wanted to pick them up for a friend of hers while we were here."
Crystal: "Ooohhhh, I see. Hopefully she will find them."
Matoaka: "I hope so. According to the catalog it's available in store only. Would you like to go and have coffee?"
Crystal: "Sounds good to me."

40 minutes later...

Chanta: "Hey Ollie. I have walked all around this store and couldn't find the organizers that you needed."
Oliver: "Oh wow. Thanks for checking. I guess they are out. Will I see you later?"
Chanta: "Maybe,  I am soo ready to go. I have spent to much time in this store and see a whole lot of things I could spend my money on, hee, hee. I"ll talk to you later, Bye."

Back with her mother...
Chanta: "Mom, I'm sorry I wasted your time today."
Matoaka: "I had a good time with Crystal. You did not waste my time. Sorry you didn't find what you you were looking for. Let head over to TJ Maxx or Burlington's."
Chanta: "Works for me. Although I'm getting hungry now."

Courage, determination, pride..that's what little girls are made of.
--Author Unknown--

Sunday, August 14, 2016

School shopping and spending money

Cain: "Shar you do have most of your school items right?"
Shar: "Hmm, I don't know.  Let see."
Cain: "Your mother said you had everything."
Shar: "Did she say that? Oh Dad, noottttt rreeeaaalllllyyyy."
Rex: "Hey Cain! How you doing,"
Rita: "Goodness, could you be any louder. I know he heard you."
Ashley: "Hey Grandpa, I think everybody heard you."
Rex: "You two sound like some haters."
Rex: "Hey Buddy, how you doing?"
Rita: "Hi Cain. Excuse my husband."
Shar: "Hi Ashley, you look just like your mother."
Ashley: "Hi, Thank you, Hi Mr. Cain."
Cain: "That's ok.  I take it your school shopping too?"
Ashely:"We sure are. I'm going to go to all my favorite stores too."
Rita: "Yes. Ashley seems to have a long list."
Ashley: "It's not too long. Just the necessities."
Rex: "She can have whatever she wants."
Ashley: "Macy's it is!"
Rita: "Ahem"

Shar: "Ashley, you are one lucky girl! You can find alot of nice things in Macy's."
Cain: "Ohh, careful. This is our fourth trip! You might end up in trouble Rex."
Rex: "We have the list from her mother and I am sticking to it."
Ashley: "Grandpa, you said I can have whatever I want."
Rita: "He was talking to eat, hee, hee. You are not going wild in Macy's."
(Cain and Shar): "haaaaaa."
Ashley: "Grandma, I'm not hungry yet."
Rita: "I know sweetie."
Rex: "One that note, we better get going. It was good seeing you. Please say hi to your wife."
Cain: "Will do. It was good seeing you too. Tell your son and daugher-in-law I said hi as well."
Shar: "Bye."
Shar: "Hi Everyone. My name is Sharrell Evans but I go by Shar and this is my dad, Cain Evan. I was formally Mattel's HSM Sharpey doll. I have been in Dotsville for long time waiting on my parents to arrive. I arrived in my original outfit which you can see here and I was an $3.00 Ebay find. I am now loving my LIV articulated body so I have no complaints."

Cain: "Hello Everyone. As my daughter stated my name is now Cain Evan. I am Powerteam Elite Action figure and I arrived just a few days ago. I too was an $7.00 Ebay find. I am returning after a 18 month tour and I am so glad to be home in Dotsville."

Courage, determination, pride...that's what little girls are made of.
-- Author Unknown