Saturday, December 10, 2016


Cara: "Hi Lea, are you ready to be centered stage?'
Bria: "Move it over to the left. Cara."
Lea: "Almost, just waiting for my mother."
Cara: "Don't you have something else to do."
Bria: "Hmmmm, no not really."
Lea: "Ms. Bria, I don't think that was the right answer, hee, hee."
Cara: "I'm not paying her no attention. Is everything ok with your mother?"
Lea: "No, she is in full "star" mode.  Now that I think about it her name fits her perfect, hee, hee."
Bria: "She's really a star in her own right. I cant' be a hater about that."
Cara: "She really is, hee. hee. Every since I've  known her she commands attention where ever she goes."
Lea: "SPOILED is the word for that. I blame my dad."
Bria: "You're kinda spoiled yourself."
Cara: "Yea Lea, you both are spoiled. So don't put it all on your mother."
Lea: "I better go check on her. It's taking her way to long to come out."
Bria: "Ok I need to sit down."
Bria: "You know it might be another week before Star comes out. She like to look good all the time."
Cara" "Like you don't. Speaking of looking good. I decided you can be the hostess for the remaining two giveaways. After all you do have that lovely dress.
Bria: "What, what!? I need to let you in on something."
Cara: "Yeah, what's that?"
Bria: "Girl! Why would I want to do that!! I can't breath in this dress as it is. I think you got this in a smaller size."
Star: "Hello Ladies. How are thing going."
Cara: "Good. Are you two ready."
Bria: "Wonderful and look stunning as ever."
Lea: "We are ready, See you in a few."
Star: "Lea darling, you look so pretty."
Lea: "Thanks Mom."

Moments later....
Cara: "Hey ladies you two did wonderful. Lea you look real good on camera."
Star: "Of course she does, she my daughter."
Dwayne: "She my daughter too. I agree Cara, she looks stunning."
Cara: "That goes to shows you I know what I'm doing."
Lea: "Thanks Dad."
Dwayne: "Honey, you look so poised in front of the camera."
Lea: "Dad, please don't get her started."
Star: "Sounds like your daughter is huh, what's the word I'm looking for."
Dwayne: "Carbon copy. She is a carbon copy of you."
Lea: "whatever.."
Star: "From my family to yours and everyone here in Dotsville, Happy Holidays!"
Lea: "Don't forget to enter the giveaway."
Dwayne: "Good luck Everyone!"

*The winner will be announced tomorrow, December 11th, 2016*

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Blog Giveaway-- Presentation 2 of 4!!

Star: "Hello Everyone and congratulations to Jaye Frye. She won the first prize presented last week. Today, me and my lovely daughter, Lea are here to showcase the next gift you can enter to win."
Lea: "Hi Everybody. I am thrilled to be co-hosting today with my mother."
Lea: "As you can tell, we are keeping with the Christmas tradition of gift giving and insuring your package is wrapped and ready to go under the tree when it arrives."
Star: "Or if you prefer to open right away! As you know we must share the rules with you which you will find below.  So go ahead and enter!"
You can only enter one time.
You will need to leave a comment stating you would like to participate.
Any and Everyone can enter.
Winner will be selected at random.
The winner will be announced via blog and notify by email.
You will have one week to respond.
Your item(s) will be shipped out immediately and the postage will be covered by Brini!
Star: "Good luck to all who enter and Happy Holiday from the us and everyone in Dotsville."
Lea: "Happy Holiday Everyone. Good Luck!"

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree