Sunday, September 25, 2016

Preparations pending

Cara: "Ok, remember why we are here. We can do a look over in some of the stores before we head to Macy's."
Crystal: "Surely you not talking to me? I don 't plan on straying."
Shawyna: "Really Crystal? Are you throwing shade?"
Crystal: "Yup!"
Cara: "I didn't mention any names. I said WE."
Shawyna: "What exactly does Mom want us to pick up?"
Crystal: "Aunt Ann told me to check all the clearance sections first and then the sales."
Shawyna: "Sounds about right."
Cara: "She said to look for really cute items. She just said to  make sure it relates to the theme."
Crystal: "What is the theme for this year's Christmas giveaway?"
Shawyna: "Yeah, what is it? She was still tossing around themes the last time I talked to her."
Cara: "Come to think of it, she didn't say. She just said to select the best and stay within budget. Anyway we have Dad's charge card so it doesn't matter."
Crystal: "Oh, I need to stop in the bookstore. I want to see if Highlights have any new magazines outs for the twins. I'll meet you two at Macy's."
Cara: "Take your time."
Shawyna: "What about Courtney?"
Crystal: "She wants a cupcake."
Cara: "Gotta love her. She so easy to please."
Shawyna: "So I'm going to head over to the DIY section"
Cara: "What?!? DIY section?"
Shawyna: "Yes, Chica. You are not the only one that's creative."
Cara: "Really, is that your final answer."
Crystal: "Ooo, what are you going to make?"

2 hours later....
Cara: "You just had to go in Nordstrom."
Crystal: "Yeah Cousin, your busted."
Shawnya: "Hey, your look over and my look over and just different. The shoe department is my weakness. I feel in love with so many pairs, it was hard to look away, not touch them... ."
Cara: "Well you can do that on your own time."
Crystal: "Oh check it out."
Shawyna: "The Pumpkin Spice coffee is back?
Crystal: "No, Banana Republi has 50% off."
Crystal: "Sorry Cara, I HAVE to go in there."
Cara: "See what you started."
Shawyna: "Me?? Remember it just a "look over."

"Courage, determination, pride. That's what little girls are made of."
--Arthor Unknown--

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Girls night out.

Jade: "I am so glad we have a chance to get together for dinner tonight. I love the Cheesecake Factory."
Madison: "Me too. We really need to get together more. Speaking of which, when was the last time you spoke to your sister Jewel?  She called me a few weeks ago and said she was looking for babysister."

Jade: "She said she was having trouble getting out of her box or something like that. She's been looking for a new school for her daughter and she already paid for half the semester at her present school. I'm hoping she will be "released" by Thanksgiving."

Madison: "Then you guys should come to our house for Thanksgiving. That way she'll have a chance to see everyone."

Jade: "I can't let you do that. It would be too much."
Madison: "Dang, its already crowded. Nonsense. Everyone will be at our house, plus my brother-in-law and his wife will be there."
Jade: "Madison that is really thoughtful of you but I can't let my family impose on you."
Madison: "Your not, trust me. Just think about it."

Hostess: "Madison, table for two ready."

Courage, determination, pride. That's what little girls are made of.
--Arthour Unknown--