Sunday, February 26, 2017

What's been going on in Dotsville

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I believe I will start with me. This has been my best friend for the last month.
Late last year my foot started bothering me and of course being a child of a Marine (tough it up, wrap it up, keep it moving, lol), you know I figured I keep my weight off it. Do some foot rotations and use a compression sock and make sure to get me heel supports. Well turns out, I injured my Achilles Tendon and what I was doing was no longer working.  When Dr. McDonald did his examine and I SLIDE DOWN his examine chair! I felt the pain from my toes to my brain! After the visit I ended up with this brace. It supports the arch, heel, tendon and ankle, it has made my days better. I still feel some discomfort when I'm walking up and down stairs but not where I have to take one at a time like before. I am thankful that I am no longer waking up in pain and scooting down the steps too. I will have to wear this for the next two months and I don't mind as long as it heels. 

We have three or four new families in Dotsville too. Chandra's sister-in-law arrived with her family, "Camilla" and "Ramsey" are out their box. The others have yet revealed their names to me, lol. Rita and Rhett would like a new house so I'll be getting my Muff and Froggy on, especially since I won't be moving around to much. 

So I'm sitting here working an a wardrobe for the fellas, since the have limited clothes. I need to work on some tops, pants and some shorts. I know my fellas will appreciate. 

I loved playing with Barbies - that's why I didn't stop! - Brad Goreski

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Let Celebrate.....

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Please email me at your contact information at or I will be able to ship this out by Friday. If I make it to the post office sooner I will let you know. 

I loved playing with Barbies - that's why I didn't stop! - Brad Goreski